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Bleu Garten Magic - First Glimpse at OKC's First Full Time Food Truck Court

Wow. That’s my first reaction to Bleu Garten, which celebrated a “soft-opening” tonight (Tuesday) with a simple approach – invite fun folks, opening up the beer and wine taps, invite just one food truck, and look out for any glitches before the real opening takes place on Thursday.

If there were any glitches, they were not very obvious. The weather was unbelievably perfect – temperatures in the 70s, only the slightest breeze, and an evening capped off by a pretty cool sunset. The lines at the “drink pod” moved quickly and from what I heard from others, the “perfect pour” system that seeks to ensure each drink is cold and filled to the same consistent level, worked just fine.

Bleu Garten, at NW 10 and Harvey, will indeed provide downtown and Midtown with a great outdoor gathering spot, complete with ample shaded seating, flat screen televisions to provide dozens of people with a great view of a Thunder, Sooners and Cowboys game (take your pick), a venue for live music, games and celebrations, and a place where community can take place.

The biggest glitch, really, was with the one food truck that participated – The Saucee Sicilian. I was very happy with my order, which consisted of three meatballs, marinara sauce and a mix of vegetables added at my request (that was dinner for me). But those ordering pizzas reported 30 to 45 minute waits, and some gave up and left before their pizza (already paid for) could be enjoyed. Hopefully Bleu Garten will feature more trucks during its regular operations (tonight was a soft opening, invite only). Bleu Garten is designed to accommodate up to six food trucks at the same time.

Still, all in all, it was a great evening. I have high hopes for Bleu Garten, and I believe it will spark development of surrounding empty lots.

I enjoyed hanging out tonight with frequent OKC Central and NewsOK Contributor Will Hider, who once again dazzles us with his photos of an ever evolving downtown.

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