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Survey: Men who tuck their undershirts are happier and more successful

Fruit of the Loom stay-tucked crew.  (Provided)
Fruit of the Loom stay-tucked crew. (Provided)

Guys, did you know tucking an undershirt can result in happiness, optimism and higher incomes?

Five seconds a day is all it takes. Fruit of the Loom calls it the Tuck Effect. Tuck your shirt, change your life.

Seriously. Some things you can’t make up.

The brand interviewed more than 1,000 men ages 25 to 60 about the quality of their lives in relation to happiness, optimism, social status, income and relationships. Survey findings suggest that men who tuck their undershirts are more positive and outgoing.

Other results:

* More than 60 percent of tuckers report being happier on the job.

* Tuckers are 10 percent more likely to report being socially outgoing.

* Tuckers are 22 percent more likely to say they're optimistic about the future.

* Tuckers indicate a 19 percent higher income than non-tuckers.

* Tuckers are 8 percent more likely to report they date often.

Anyone wondering what prompted such a survey? The brand recently launched the Stay-Tucked Crew undershirt.

Linda Miller

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