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Essie’s Top 10 nail polish shades

Essie Mint Candy Apple (Provided)
Essie Mint Candy Apple (Provided)

Which nail polish shade do you reach for again and again?

Is it a soft neutral, classic red or pink, or maybe something edgy and dark?

Essie, one of the most popular nail polish brands, has had more than 900 colors – all with catchy names, of course -- since its beginning in 1981.

But which are the most popular? The Zoe Report nailed down the Top 10 with a little help from Essie. Which of these colors do you have in your nail polish stash?

* Ballet Slippers, award-winning classic pale pink

* Bikini So Teeny, cornflower blue

* Mademoiselle, grown-up pink

* Mint Candy Apple, crème de menthe mint

* Sugar Daddy, sweet pink

* Wicked, deep and dark sinister red

* Eternal Optimist, creamy spiced tea rose

* Smokin’ Hot, fox gray

* Blanc, snowy white

* Muchi, Muchi, mauve pink

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Essie Ballet Slippers (Provided)

Essie Ballet Slippers (Provided)

<figure><img src="//" alt="Photo - Essie Ballet Slippers (Provided)" title="Essie Ballet Slippers (Provided)"><figcaption>Essie Ballet Slippers (Provided)</figcaption></figure><figure><img src="//" alt="Photo - Essie Mint Candy Apple (Provided)" title="Essie Mint Candy Apple (Provided)"><figcaption>Essie Mint Candy Apple (Provided)</figcaption></figure>
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