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Melba Lovelace, columnist
Melba Lovelace, columnist


DEAR MELBA: My friend who gave me this recipe recently passed away. I want everyone to know my friend was as great as this recipe is!


•1 medium onion, chopped

•1/3 cup butter

•2 cans corn

•2 cans potato soup

•2 cans Veg-All

•2 cans (10 ounces each) chicken

•2 cans Rotel (tomatoes and green chilies, mild)

•1 pound Velveeta cheese

In large pot, saute onion in butter. Add, without draining, canned corn, potato soup, Veg-all, chicken and Rotel. Stir in cheese and cook gently until cheese is melted. Do not boil. Enjoy.

— Pat Padgham, Oklahoma City


DEAR MELBA: My grandma Lenora Webb will be 90-years-old on April 19. Please ask readers to shower her with birthday cards. She would love it.

Cards can be mailed to her at 609 N. Cleveland, Cushing, OK 74023. Thanks.

— Jeanette Rogers, Midwest City


DEAR MELBA: Please tell readers about the Beeping Easter Egg Hunt we have each year at New Hope United Methodist Church at 11,600 N. Council Road in Oklahoma City. This year, it will be 2 to 4 p.m. April 20. The Beeping Easter Egg Hunt welcomes blind and visually impaired children, special needs children and their siblings.

This year, we're extending invitations to adults who are blind or visually impaired. Many of them may not have had a Beeping Easter Egg Hunt experience, following the sound to find the beep and forthcoming prize.

The Beeping Easter Egg Hunt was started by Heartland Council of the Blind, a chapter of the Oklahoma Council of the Blind, and Hearts of Hope from New Hope United Methodist Church. The main thing participants need to know is that upon arrival they will need to sign in as they enter the church afterward, they will be seated in the church sanctuary to hear the "Resurrection Story," before going to their designated hunt areas. After their baskets are full, groups will return to the gym to look at their goodies, enjoy refreshments and have their photo taken with the Easter Bunny. Other activities will include face painting and receiving balloon animals.

— Norene Valentour, Oklahoma City


DEAR MELBA: I have numerous (like hundreds) of empty small plastic prescription bottles (labels removed). I hate to throw them in the trash if anyone could use them. Do you know of any organization or person who has a use for these bottles? I am director of a Senior Center (not a nursing home) in Ponca City, and others would like to save theirs for people or organizations, if we could find where to send them. Ask readers to contact us at 1113 Brentwood Drive, Ponca City, OK 74601.

— Peggy Wilson


DEAR MELBA: While driving down the street in Midwest City, I saw this church sign and thought your readers might enjoy it: God paid the price, we keep the change.

— Mary Lee Colwell, Oklahoma City

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