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'Oh, puuulllllleeeeeaaassse." People respond to Oklahoma lawmakers' comments on Mueller report


Oklahoma Republicans in Congress drew hundreds of responses on Facebook after dismissing Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller’s report as a partisan exercise, with some backing their views and many others accusing them of not reading the report.

“Have you read the very first page?” Teresa O'Guin Capps wrote on Thursday to Rep. Tom Cole, R-Moore.

Pat Menendez Reffett wrote, “Congressman Cole, please read the report for yourself before having your staff write your response. And try to remember that the Russians are the enemy ... not the Democrats. You are supposed to represent all Oklahoman in your district, and some of us are registered Democrats!”

Comments posted on the lawmakers’ Facebook pages reflected the sharp divide over the report made public Thursday, along with the anger and exasperation on both sides.

“Oh puuulllllleeeeeaaassse,” Mary Beth Henschel, of Norman, wrote in response to Cole’s statement that the report showed no collusion between Russia and Trump’s 2016 campaign and insufficient evidence to justify an indictment for obstruction of justice.

Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Tulsa, who called the 448-page report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller “a lot of nothing,” got this response from Tami RaRa Anderson, of Lawton:

“The fact that you are pretending you read the full document and purposefully making statements about a document you have not fully reviewed in order to mislead your constituents should be an impeachable offense.”

Rep. Kendra Horn, the only Democrat in the seven-member Oklahoma congressional delegation, made no mention of President Donald Trump in her statement, focusing instead on the Mueller report's findings that Russia interfered with the 2016 U.S. elections.

“Can't help but notice that nothing was said about the President and that no collusion was found,” Bette Turner Daniel, of Edmond, wrote. “So sad that she has aligned herself with the whining liberals.”

Horn, of Oklahoma City, also got lectured from an anti-Trump writer.

Barbara Woltz, of Tulsa, said in a post, “IMPEACH. If you don’t start impeachment immediately, then YOU are guilty of collusion.”

Horn and her Republican colleagues got some support on the social media site. One writer thanked Horn for a “direct and unambiguous response” while another posted, “So glad you can see the obvious.”

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