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Pain center treats neuropathy without drugs

At Renuva Back and Pain Centers, treat neuropathy without surgery or medications. [PROVIDED]
At Renuva Back and Pain Centers, treat neuropathy without surgery or medications. [PROVIDED]

More than 20 million Americans suffer from peripheral neuropathy, a problem caused by damage to the nerves that run through the arms and legs.

“This painful condition interferes with the body’s ability to transmit messages to the muscles, skin, joints or internal organs,” said Dr. Michael Riley, DC, founder of Renuva Back & Pain Centers in Oklahoma City.

Neuropathy can limit muscle movement, interfere with normal sensation in the arms and legs, and cause pain or numbness. If ignored or mistreated, neuropathy can lead to irreversible health conditions. Often neuropathy is caused by a degenerating spine pressing on the nerve roots. This can happen in any of the vertebral joints from the neck all the way down to the tailbone.

“Fortunately, there is good news and reason for hope,” Riley said. “New data shows improvements among 1,420 patients who completed Renuva’s nonsurgical and drug-free CoreCare treatments.”

Neuropathy symptoms include pain, tingling, numbness and weakness, loss of sensation in the arms and legs, pins and needles sensation in the arms, legs, hands or feet, a burning sensation in the feet or hands.

“Neuropathy can be a very frustrating condition,” Riley said. “Unfortunately many medications or therapy fail because they focus on treating the symptoms instead of treating the cause.”

The most common causes of neuropathy are metabolic conditions, such as diabetes. Other causes may be chronic kidney insufficiency or toxicity from alcohol or medications, such as chemotherapy drugs. Some neuropathy cases are caused by inflammation in nerves, and others are inherited. Sometimes it is caused by a degenerating spine pressing on the nerve roots, Riley said. At Renuva Back and Pain Centers, Riley and his team treat neuropathy without surgery or medications.

They developed gentle, minimally invasive techniques called the CoreCareTM treatment program. It is designed to release the pressure that has built up on the nerve — and this pressure is what causes neuropathy.

“Renuva sees hundreds of patients with neuropathy diagnosis each year,” Riley said. “The CoreCare treatments, which include Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, work to treat damaged nerves and reduce inflammation without painful shots, drugs or surgery.”

“Before the FDA would clear the Deep Tissue Laser Therapy for human use, they wanted to see proof that it was safe. This led to two landmark studies. The first study showed that patients who had laser therapy had 53% better improvement than those who had a placebo,” Riley said. The second study showed patients who used the laser therapy had less pain and more range of motion days after treatment, he said.

Riley points to patient surveys done over a recent five-year period for additional confirmation that the treatments work. The results are based on 1,420 patients who completed Renuva’s nonsurgical and drug-free CoreCare treatments. Results were based on patients who completed the American Medical Association’s Pain Disability Questionnaire (PDQ) before and after completing Renuva’s CoreCare treatments.

• 83% of patients reported an improvement in how their pain was affecting everyday activities and their mood.

• Patients reported an average 76% reduction in their need to use pain medication to control their pain.

• Patients reported an average 84% reduction in their need to see doctors for their pain.

• Patients reported an average 70% reduction in their pain interfering with recreational activities and hobbies.

• Patients reported an average 77% reduction in feeling depressed, tense or anxious as a result of their pain.

During an initial exam, Riley will identify if you are a candidate for the CoreCare treatment. The examination process seeks to identify the exact cause of pain before providing a treatment recommendation. The offer includes an in-depth consultation about your neuropathy and health where the doctor will listen — really listen — to the details of your case; a complete neuromuscular examination; a full set of digital X-rays (if needed), and a thorough analysis of your exam and X-ray findings to start mapping out a treatment plan. Two CoreCare treatments are also included with the exam so patients can see if it may help. This package is normally $257, but Renuva is offering it currently for $59.

The $59 offer with two CoreCare treatments is good only until May 24. The Renuva Back & Pain Center in the Oklahoma City area is at 5601 NW 72, Suite 312 in Warr Acres. Call 405-782-2316 to schedule.

This article is sponsored by Renuva Back & Pain Centers.